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Microderm D120 Complete System

Productref: 601009-120.00

Digitaal beeldsysteem voor diagnose en vastlegging van melanomen.
The next generation dermoscope

High quality standardized images are an indispensable requirement for reliable diagnosis. The microDERM® system can offer this and much more. The examined skin lesion is directly displayed on the screen and can even be shown in different magnifications between 10 and 50 fold at the touch of a button on the camera. Everything can be performed without changing the optics and without additional actions.

Patented camera- and optical technology

Microprocessors, integrated in the patented microDERM camera, adjust illumination intensity and colour mixture, so that there is a constant image quality for the follow-ups over years – a unique feature worldwide. Furthermore, clinical images of large skin areas can be made realistically by use of the macro function and can be printed in best photographic quality in order to document successful treatment for example. Apart from brilliant images, microDERM offers you additional possibilities for diagnostic support for follow-ups.

Standardised image quality

The dermoscopic images are supplemented by 3D information in high-resolution image quality, which allows accurate and reliable findings even on the basis of vital-histological criteria. Using a patented process, the high-precision optic system ensures that colour, brightness variations or geometric distortions do not occur. The standardized image photograph is a prerequisite for reliable and reproducible findings and the computer supported diagnosis. This is a significant benefit when compared to first generation video dermoscopic devices with simple zoom optics.

Automatic calibration

To provide uniformly standardized image quality in different magnifications, the integrated microprocessors can adjust the exposure intensity and colour mixture automatically – a unique feature. The automatic calibration ensures that the system does not make any changes even years later, which can be misrepresented in a follow-up examination. A time-consuming manual calibration by the user during operation is not necessary. The operation of the system is therefore both efficient and simple.
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